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Can I be honest with you?

I am very passionate about fitness and nutrition. You might hear me start some conversations off with "tell me to shut up if it's too much"; but the truth is - is it too much? Is taking care of ourselves, looking good, feeling good, and reaching our goals ever too much? No, it's not! You deserve it. If you want it, you should start saying it right now - "yes, I'm going to make this happen!"

What "built" me the way I am?

God bless my grandparents, but when I was younger I was skin and bones. In fact, my grandfather used to call me "bones." He started paying me to eat! Are you kidding? yes please! I ate so much crap. I made so much money....and before you knew it, I was really, REALLY overweight and was being made fun of in school. I've been on both sides of the shape (in & out) and have seen many different numbers on the scale. I get it. It sucks. Let's fix it together. 


Obstacle Course Racing 

In 2017 I did my first obstacle course race (the Spartan Super 8+ miles) and was instantly hooked. Why go through disgusting mud up to your chest; get your back cut up by barbed wire doing an army crawl; or almost break your leg climbing over 10 foot walls? Who knows, but seeing what your body was never able to do is an incredible feeling. I've done about 19 Obstacle Course Races so far. Many might think the Spartan Beast (13+ miles/26+ obstacles up and down a ski slope) was the toughest, but it wasn't. I'll tell you if you want to know when we meet. What I can say is, it's not only taught me to be physically and psychologically prepared for anything (as you never know what challenge is next), but it gave me more confidence; forced me to change up my fitness regimen; and most of all - challenged myself where I had to prove to myself I could to it. Now I want to share it with you.

What Matters?

It doesn't matter to me your current fitness level, it really doesn't. It doesn't matter to me if you ever do an obstacle course race or not (although they are fun), but these boot camp training classes are built on helping you build strength and conditioning while learning some obstacle course fundamentals. What matters most to me is you showing up with a good attitude, ready to work. I'll take care of the rest; and we'll have a great time doing it while we make ourselves better, a lot better!  

Sincerely, Your Certified Fitness Trainer

Jay Steinhardt

No-Obstacles, LLC


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