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“No such thing as tough.

There’s trained and there’s untrained. Now, which are you?”

Man on Fire


Challenge yourself: See what you're made of

As a certified fitness trainer, my passion is to bring you to your next best self.

Sessions incorporate a boot camp style of strength and conditioning training.

Come train outdoors! A blend of trail running and other cardio conditioning mixed in with various strength building exercises. Sessions are progressively designed where we meet you at your current fitness level, and then help get you to the next level.

Lose Weight, Build Muscle, Crush Obstacles

You are worth it and you can do it! Invest in yourself. I’m with you.

Jay Steinhardt,

Certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor

Founder of No-Obstacles, LLC

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Running Down Stairs


Look Good, Feel Good

I'm With You. Let's Do This

Show Up With a Good Attitude and I'll Take Care of the Rest


Fitness 'Outside the Box'

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Breaking Barriers

Jay is a believer in all people, no fake motivation. He genuinely believes that we can all overcome challenges to reach new physical and mental levels.

The physical training is such a small part of what you can get out of this. He texts/emails to help you reach whatever your goals are. I love how he does it too - I would tell him what I was doing and he would give me suggestions that made a big impact on my body! You brought me far beyond what I thought I was capable of and I had a blast doing it.

Norwood, MA

Betsy K.
Walpole, MA

What a different kind of fitness class that brought me to my next level! This isn't just for the obstacle course racer, this is for anyone looking to get in better shape! Thank you again Jay!

Isaiah H.
Randolph, MA

No-Obstacles is not only about meeting, but exceeding your goals. Training with Jay you will accomplish all of that and more. Jay is in your corner. He can help you break through and beat all of your goals.

Sarah G.
East Freetown, MA

I am so appreciative of this fitness experience. There were days going to work out after my draining job that I just did not want to work out and he helped me through it. He understands and gets it.

I love being a part of these group teams. All different people coming together to workout. I felt like I was in training for a future battle or something haha, but there won't be anything you won't be able to do, he makes sure of that. He makes sure you can do it and makes everything very supportive. He gives a lot of choices with the cardio circuits (high knees or jumping jacks) which I liked. Believe me, if I can do it you can do it.

Shawn O.
Wrentham, MA

Craig M.
Dedham, MA

What a different kind of boot camp class. I had so much fun. The first few sessions I was felt like a kid again hopping and climbing on and over things; running up and down steps...I was confused as to why we were doing some of the exercises and then it all came together - he is training you through calisthenic movements to be able to move your body around and in the process...preparing you for the strength movements you'll need IF you do an obstacle course race. Basically having you do similar movements required for the races. Genius!

He is so different from those other kind of jock trainers out there. He used to be very overweight. You can hear through his personal story that he really understands what it's like to struggle. Great classes that I felt so comfortable going to. He's so funny too. Definitely going to stick with this.

Natick, MA



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